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We have all been trying to deal with the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, both here in the US, but mostly in Haiti where lives, homes and animals have been lost, and the people, particularly rural people, had no place to go to escape the fury, and no services for recovery.

We were and are shocked to learn that the community where we have our Mothers Clubs offices and staff, and where we go to visit the Clubs and plan the future of Mothers Clubs, was Jeremie, the epicenter of the hurricane. I have not spoken to Sr. Emile, our director, but I have spoken to others who have, and I know that Sr. Emile is alive, though she has been injured. I have not heard anything yet about the welfare of our staff.

Usually I send out a letter after I receive the October Mothers Clubs report so you can see our progress, but now I am sure the report will be delayed. So I am sending out this letter so we can begin to provide assistance to those most affected.

In the past when we have received funds to help disaster relief we developed a plan that worked well. Our staff asked each village where we work to determine those families most in need. It may be that they lost their home in the flooding, or all their animals were killed. In each case we provided new building supplies and the recipient built the home, or gave those who lost animals one or two starter animals. We wanted the assistance to directly serve the need. Then, when I return to Haiti, I take pictures of the recipients and their new homes or animals so you can see where your money goes.

So I am asking you to be generous and help us as we begin our relief plan. We can only help as much as we have the funds to put to work.

We are so fortunate that we have the money and systems to assist disaster victims here in the US. Nothing like it is available in rural Haiti where the need is so great.

Thank you for considering my heartfelt request. You can make a big difference.

With deep gratitude,



A purchase donation of Barb Grove's book about Mothers Clubs of Haiti is one way to help rebuild the destroyed livelyhoods of the women who worked so hard to achieve a better life for themselves and their children only to see their efforts crushed by this hurricane.
All proceeds from the sale of this book will be available for current projects to rebuild what has been lost, and then for microcredit loans (small loans) to the poorest rural Haitian women and their families through:

Mothers Clubs of Haiti, Inc, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

  Sleep Front Cover     

Now I Can Sleep!

by Barb Grove
Founder and Director of Mothers Clubs of Haiti, Inc.

The following quotes were hand-written by women of Mothers Clubs in Haiti:  

   “Before being member of Mothers Club, I had so many difficulties! I felt that the sky would fall on my head. Now with the loan of Mothers Club that improve my life, I feel that heaven is in my home."  — Anna

 “Mothers Club is my life. It brings life in my house. My children can smile because they have something to eat. Thanks you Mothers Club!”  — Rosanne

   “Mothers Club is the best thing in my life. With my loan I can sell peanut butter and bread every day. My children can go to school.”  — Julienne

    “I'm happy to be a member of Mothers Club. I feel to be a woman like any other.”  — Chantale

    "With Mothers Club, I am not alone in the struggle for life. Members are like my family."  — Claire

    “Mothers Club taught me to manage my small business and the health of my family. Thank you Mothers  Club.”  — Anita

    “If  all women of Haiti could be members of Mothers Club. Haiti would know better days. Thanks are to God for Mothers Club.”  — Marie-Rose

         Click Here for more information about the book, the author, and how to         order a copy for yourself or a friend! Thank you for taking a look!


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Mothers Clubs of Haiti, Inc, is a successful non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which pro- vides microcredit loans to some of       the world’s poorest people, primarily women.

Since 1991, through the generosity       of individuals and groups, Mothers Clubs has made loans to over 10,000 members.

Mothers Clubs of Haiti makes a difference in families’ lives through financial independence and the hope   for a better, healthier future.

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