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We asked many of the women in the villages we visited if there is anything they do with their profit other than expanding their businesses. They invariably told us that they send their children to school, some even to secondary
school, a very large expense.

They have so much hope for the next generation, and we see the pride that investing in their children’s future brings each one.



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Mothers Clubs is a volunteer-driven organization. Our Executive Director and board members are all volunteers. Our only administrative expenses go toward sound oversight of the program. Modest in-country administrative fees are paid through the low interest charged on loans.

With additional donations made to offset administration costs, nearly 100% of supporter donations go directly to Mothers Clubs members in the form of microcredit loans.

The average Mothers Clubs loan is $60 USD. Your donation is a substantial contribution toward making a long-term difference in the lives of women who participate in Mothers Clubs.

Your contribution is the key with which Mothers Clubs members unlock the potential within themselves!


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We invite you to join us in helping these women in their efforts to provide sustainable sources of revenue for their families and communities and to improve their lives. The women exude such pride in their work!




 Mothers Clubs of Haiti, Inc. - 1666 Gulf Coast Drive – Naples Florida  34110