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Become Involved

There are several ways that you can become involved with Mothers Clubs:


Make a Donation to the Microcredit Loan Fund

Many of the Mothers Clubs members in rural areas live on less than one dollar a day. The average Mothers Clubs loan is $65 USD. Your donation of $25 or more makes a significant difference.  

Click here to:  Make a Donation!


Start a Stateside Mothers Clubs Support Group

To raise money for your sister Mothers Clubs members in Haiti. Barb Grove, Mothers Clubs founder and director, is available to train anyone wishing to start a Mothers Clubs program.


Invite Barb or Kathy to make a Mothers
Clubs Presentation

Both Barb and Kathy present interesting and informative talks, which include many large, colorful pictures, stories of actual woman who have benefitted from these programs, samples of contracts and training materials, and so much more, from their many trips to develop Mothers Clubs in Haiti and Tanzania. Your group at church, place of business, fraternal organization, or among your friends will be entertained and encouraged to participate in Mothers Clubs by colorful visuals and artifacts from these devastated areas of our world.


Mothers Clubs of Haiti, Inc. - 1666 Gulf Coast Drive - Naples Florida  34110