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Who We Are

Mothers Clubs of Haiti is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization which provides microcredit loans to rural Haitian and African people, primarily women. Mothers Clubs began in the central plateau of Haiti in 1991 and expanded into Tanzania, Africa in 1998. Mothers Clubs is committed to making loans to women, regardless of faith. In Africa, one third of the Mothers Clubs women are Christian, one third Muslim and one third tribal, all working together and supporting each other, even celebrating each other’s traditional occasions and holidays, a model for the rest of the world.

When Mothers Clubs began in Tanzania, there were few, if any, financial resources for poor families. We closed our program in 2010 because there were now many resources available including commercial banks, village banking programs and international organizations. We then concentrated our work in Haiti where there are few opportunities, if any, for poor rural families.

Since 1991, through the generosity of supporters, Mothers Clubs has made loans to over 10,000 members. Loan repayments range from 95% to 100%. When their third loan is repaid the Mothers Clubs members become eligible for our new bank loan program, which can be much larger for greater impact.

The U.S. based Executive Director, Board members, and fundraisers of Mothers Clubs of Haiti are volunteers.

Barb GroveBarb Grove began her undergraduate work in Urban Studies with a major in intercultural health education and holds a masters degree in education. She has worked with adjudicated youth, taught at an AIM (American Indian Movement) school, worked on Indian reservations, worked with veterans with substance abuse disorders, and as an economic development professional. She wrote a first aid course (Basic Aid Training - BAT) for children, which became an international certified course for youth through the American Red Cross. She chaired a U.S. three-county microfinance program for 6 years.


Kathy MangKatherine Mang is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. She has traveled extensively over the last 3 decades and for the past 17 years has served as a Board Member of Mothers Clubs. Her duties include fundraising, education, training, and traveling to Haiti for Mothers Clubs. Prior to recently retiring, she worked for the NYS Office of the Attorney General. Barb and Kathy have been friends for over 35 years.


 Mothers Clubs of Haiti, Inc. - 1666 Gulf Coast Drive - Naples Florida  34110